Our Story

It started with a love of food.

Top Tier Foods founder, Blair Bullus, grew up in a family that stressed the importance of mealtime and taught him that food has the capacity to not only connect people but to nourish and support an active lifestyle. Blair’s parents believed in the benefits of the Canadian Health Food Guide and strived to bring a balance of nutrition and flavour to each meal. This created a love of healthy food which has guided Blair to create a company that strives for the very best in flavour and nutrition.

Splitting his time between school and athletics Blair, using only high quality and flavourful ingredients, began to develop his own recipes for quick to prepare meals while at university. His passion for high quality nutrition as well as flavour made him create dishes that are standout at any meal yet healthy enough to make you want to serve it to your family.

The goal of Top Tier Foods is to take these principles and make healthy, great-tasting food easily accessible to everyone.

Quinoa Quickies

Quinoa Quickies are Goodness Simplified.

Living a healthy lifestyle is at the heart of our company—it drives us to create our original product line: Quinoa Quickies! We love and chose quinoa as the main ingredient for its rich nutritional qualities, nutty flavour and rice-like texture. We carefully source all our other ingredients based on their flavours and quality. In support of an active lifestyle, we’ve designed Quinoa Quickies to be quick and easy to prepare.

100% Canadian Golden Quinoa.

As a proud local food producer we work hard to make sure that we stay connected to and support our community. All Quinoa Quickies are made with 100% Canadian Golden Quinoa grown on the Northern Prairies. Golden Quinoa cooks and has nutritional qualities almost identical to its South American cousin but boasts a richer nuttier flavour and a less starchy more pleasing pearly texture.

By switching to Canadian Golden Quinoa this has helped farmers in Alberta and Saskatchewan create a market for their crops while relieving strain on a stretched global supply of the grain. We are also able to curb our environmental impact by lessening the transportation distance of our quinoa.

Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone should have access to good food that supports a healthy lifestyle, so we’ve made it our mission to deliver high quality, nutritious food that tastes delicious. To do this, we follow three simple principles:

Healthy food for a healthy lifestyle.

Living a healthy lifestyle is at the heart of our business. It’s the big idea behind our food creations. We want everyone to live a healthy lifestyle, so we strive to produce nutritious food options that support it. Nutritional and ingredient information will always be proudly displayed on our packages and website, and you can find more details by reading about Our Food.

Good food makes a difference.

We believe that good food can make a difference in a life—you feel better and happier when savouring great-tasting food that you enjoy, especially when it is healthy for you. Great-taste is always on our mind when creating our food for people to enjoy. We do samplings at local grocery stores—follow our tweets to find us and try our delicious Quinoa Quickies.

Eat with confidence.

We feel that we have a big responsibility since our food directly impacts your health and life. As we aim to make a positive impact on your life through our food, we promise to be honest and open about our product’s ingredients and production. We want you to feel confident and feel good when consuming our food. Read more about our food and production in FAQ and Our Food.