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Quinoa Quickies Southwest Quinoa and Steak Burrito Recipe

Southwest Quinoa and Steak Burrito Recipe

Southwest Quinoa and Steak Burrito Try this tasty and easy to prepare burrito recipe using our Rustic Southwest and Black Bean Quinoa Quickies. Follow simple steps on preparing the quinoa, steak and salsa, then combine them into a large tortilla. Add sour cream or sliced avocado as desired. Servings: for 2 people Ready in: 30 […]

Superfood feature: what is quinoa?

TASTE.COM.AU SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 12:00AM   For a more nutritious alternative try this super gluten-free grain. Quinoa is the new superhero of the grain world and, like any masked avenger with cred, it comes with a mysterious back story. It was originally cultivated on the steep slopes of the Andes mountains in Peru and Bolivia, hence […]

Quinoa Quickies Curry Quinoa Recipe

Experimenting with Curry: Healthy Quinoa Recipes

Experimenting with Curry These simple, healthy quinoa recipes add a couple new twists to the Mild Indian Curry Quinoa Quickies. 1. Use Coconut Milk Use coconut milk to turn your Mild Indian Curry Quinoa Quickie into a rich and flavourful coconut curry. One Easy Step: In a medium saucepan add 1tbs of cooking oil and […]